Our Terms, Conditions and Limitations


Upon registering as a member of Cs Couriers and Auto sales Ltd each customer has agreed to our terms and conditions, we encourage all customers to read carefully. Each registered customer will be provided with our U.S mailing address and must adhere to the mailing address format unless otherwise advised by a customer service representative. This agreement provides the basis on which CS Couriers provides courier service to our customers legally once items are delivered to our warehouse at,

21113 Johnson Street, Ste 125 Pembroke Pines, FL 33311 USA.

Cs Couriers will provide adequate notice to customers regarding dates when our Lauderdale Lakes facility will be closed due to U.S. Holidays and operational closures. Packages scheduled for delivery on those days are usually delivered on the following business day. If those packages are not delivered on the following business day we advise customers to please contact your International carriers (i.e UPS, USPS, FedEx, DHL, etc.) to arrange a delivery within regular business hours.

Bad Addressing

We will not be held liable for packages that are labelled incorrectly. CSC missing from the address.  Whenever our address identifier CSC  is left off whether by customer or seller, we will not take responsibility to locate items. We urge customer to always copy and paste the address directly from dashboard so that we can gaurantee a smooth and reliable shipping process for your packages. We are fully aware of sellers/merchants leaving off CSC or mail number and as such we implore you to always ensure that CSC is on your name. Due to the nature of business at the warehouse, we are not the only client and often times packages do get lost, misplaced or unaccounted for. Some sellers may include Walmart, Shein, Fashon Nova etc. Please ensure CSC is on your name line. Thanks for your understanding and cooperation

Payment Terms

We accept cash or card on delivery, a verbal commitment with a virtual receipt which will only apply to gold customers after a direct deposit is transacted to our BNS or NCB accounts can be accepted, outstanding balances should be cleared within 10 days of package(s) being released. Unclaimed packages will attract a storage fee after 20 business days. The fee will be USD$2.00 per day.

 Customers should inspect packages will also be asked to sign for packages by delivery personnel. Failure to do so means the customer has no claim for compensation. 

User/Customer Obligations

At the sole risk of User, User may ship packages or mail packages to our warehousing facility address providing that the shipment
complies with all import regulations of Jamaica. Moreover, CS Couriers will not be a party to and will have no responsibility in such transactions. User acknowledges and agrees to prepay fees that may arise in respect to assistance provided by CS Couriers to retrieve shipments being held at Custom. Very expensive items such as laptops, phones etc are sent at own risk, conditions apply. We will only be held liable for up to 25% value of item once acknowledged by warehouse during package transit if damaged or lost.

User will notify CS Couriers promptly of packages exceeding 2500USD or requires a validate permit/license. Acceptance of packages and mail is subject to inspection by CS Couriers, users acknowledge that inspections carried out are for sole purpose to determine
whether the contents can be shipped by air/sea. User shall not hold the company liable for damage to the contents of package where packing was found to be in adequate for nature of goods whether CS Couriers ought to have known such damage likely to occur. Cs Couriers may in its discretion refuse any package or mail and notify User promptly of reason for refusal
Customers should inspect packages will also be asked to sign for packages by delivery personnel. Failure to do so means the customer has no claim for compensation.

Customers should ensure that merchants, suppliers, family, or friends securely package fragile or sensitive contents. Clear instructions should be present on such packages. Customers having missing packages must show clear proof that it occurred while in our possession i.e must be signed for by personnel at our Lauderdale Lakes then will a customer have a claim for compensation. At present we are unable to facilitate a return service but can advise on the most affordable way to have a package returned and the procedures involved when doing so. Also please check with your merchants or suppliers about their return policy.

For customers with packages that require special attention such as items sent as replacements, please provide us with prior
notice and adequate documentation before the shipment arrives in Kingston. Customers who wish to use their passenger declaration (PD or the yellow) forms, please provide along with these necessary documents (copy of TRN, ID, Passport with landed date) signed by a Justice of the Peace before the shipment arrives in Kingston.

Customs Duties & Taxes

By agreeing to terms and conditions you are also to custom charges and protocols stipulated by the Jamaica customs. Where packages are shipped requires customs clearance, it shall be the customers duty to provide documentation necessary with immediate effect, for this purpose of customs, unless instructed otherwise, act as the Customer’s Agent in obtaining customs clearances where necessary. If any duties, taxes, penalties, charges or expenses are imposed or incurred of any action by the custom authorities or any failure by the customer to provide correct documentation or any permits or licenses required in connection with charges, CS Couriers shall be entitled to charge the amount incurred to the  Customer.

1. Import Duty/Customs Duty
      This is the duty payable on imported goods. The rates of duty are published in the Jamaica Customs Tariff.
2. General Consumption Tax (GCT)

      GCT is paid on goods and services except those items that are zero-rated and those that are exempted from GCT. GCT is 15%

3. Standard Compliance Fee (SCF)
    This is a fee of 0.3% collected on behalf of the Burea of Standards. SCF is calculated on the CIF value of the item shipped
4. Customs Administrative Fee (CAF) 
    This fee id payable on the processing of documentations, the examination of goods and specific imported commodities.

5. Environmental Levy

    This fee is 0.5% and is charged on all imports.

NB: By registering with CS Couriers and Auto Sales Ltd you agree to the terms and conditions outlined above.

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